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Wendi offers a wide range of services from CranioSacral Therapy to Physical Therapy, Body Grounding, Guided Meditations, Somato Emotional Release and yoga, but rather than using only one modality during a treatment, Wendi allows her patient's body to guide her intuitively to create the perfect prescriptive healing session and longterm treatment plan using a variety of healing modalities. Book your session with Wendi below.

Read on to learn more about some of the services you will receive when you book your session with Wendi:


CranioSacral Therapy

Have you ever enjoyed a full body massage, if not, you're missing out? It's a wonderful way to relax and ease muscle tension. But much like any service you receive, there's usually a variety of "upgrades" you can choose from to enhance your experience. So where does CranioSacral therapy fit in here? Though it is not a massage, you will enjoy a full body treatment with a gentle touch that is so fine-tuned, it will work directly with your central nervous system. Your session will go far beyond muscles and directly treat the tissues, cells, nerves, and organs that may have you feeling tense and worn down. You will also enjoy the comforts of staying fully dressed as you relax on a massage table and let go of all your worries. Enjoy the "deluxe" package that will restore and re-vitalize your physical, emotional, and mental health from the inside out. For more info on CranioSacral Therapy, click here.

Somato Emotional Release

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is an advanced technique typically use in conjunction with CST where the therapist facilitates working through memories and/or emotions that may naturally arise during your session. The body often stores memories in our bodies, which may present as pain, tightness, headaches etc. and can become encapsulated in an "Energy Cyst". As the body begins to let go of physical tension, thoughts or emotions may arise that likely have been hidden in a "safe place." The goal of SER is to safely guide you to a resolution that can then allow the physical body and mind to live more at peace.

Energy Balancing
There is no question that the average child can run circles around their parents and never seem to run out of gas. How often do we hear "If only I had their energy again." So what is the secret to this fountain of youth? Imagine "energy" like a flowing river through your body. When we are born the water is crystal clear and flows smoothly throughout our bodies in a continuous stream. Though as we grow and face a variety of stressors in our lives, that stream may begin to bend and wind slowing down the current of flow. With a build-up of stressors over time,  the stream may become "cloudy" with debris, making it more difficult to focus our energy. And if presented with larger and/or a 
sudden shock to our system, we may experience blockages, similar to a dam in the river. Not only can this impaired energy flow leave you feeling physically drained, but also mentally and emotionally exhausted. Through the use of Reiki and Healing Touch, you can enjoy a sense of balanced energy levels, revitalizing your uninhibited childlike energy to live more playful, creative, joyful, and carefree.

Body Grounding and Guided Meditations

When we put our mind to it, we can accomplish anything, but without the right frame of mind, it may be hard to get started or stay motivated. It is key in any therapeutic space to feel safe and relaxed so that we may receive the highest benefit of the work we are doing. Through guided visualization and grounding exercises, my goal is to help you let go of the worries or stressors in your mind and focus on FEELING your BODY, Without analyzing or judging any emotions that may arise. Through this process, you will gain greater awareness of your body and likely insights into what may be holding you back or "hitting your buttons" day-to-day.

30 minutes - $40 (child)

60 minutes - $85 (adult/child)

90 minutes - $115

Bundle Special - 4x 60minute sessions - $300 ($75 each, single person use)

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